Are you also looking for a fast and safe browser on your phone? Your IC browser has been launched in the Play Store in India. If you install these apps on your phone, then you will get to see a new type of cooling feature. The specialty of these apps is that you can customize it according to your own.

IC Browser Download-

If you also want to download these apps, then you can download this app very comfortably, just you have to go to the play store on your phone and search the ic browser there. After this, these apps will appear before you. You can download these apps very comfortably there.

Is IC Browser is Device Safe-

Yes, it is an Indian apps and is also available in the Play Store. This is better than other browsers and if you install it in your phone, you will get a new cooling feature and dashboard.

Is Ic Browser Good ?

These Indian apps are designed for Android users, especially Indian users. In this apps, you can control your privacy. You can find breaking news, your favorite videos, and more inside the home page of this apps.

IC Browser Feature-

Talking about the feature of this apps, you will get to see many features in it, we are telling the highlights of the feature of this apps.

1. Mini News, Video-

What is Ic Browser, IC Browser Download

Speaking of today, almost everyone likes to listen or know the news, in this apps you will get to see mini news and videos too.

2. High Speed Video Downloader-

What is Ic Browser, IC Browser Download

The other major feature of this apps is that whatever video you want to download, these apps will download that video within a second.

3. Whatsapp Status Video-

What is Ic Browser, IC Browser Download

Nowadays people search for videos to add new videos to their WhatsApp status, but with the help of this apps, you will find new videos in your home page.

4. Night Mode-

What is Ic Browser, IC Browser Download

The ic browser is customized according to the user, in which you have been given the option of night mode for browsing at night time, which is a plus point for the user.

5. Voice Search-

Do you want to find something with the help of your voice, this apps allows you to do this, just you have to say something while using this apps and your asked queri will show in front of you in a while.

6. Incognito Mode-

The ic browser allows you to leave your search history on the browser and run the Internet privately. When you turn this feature on, no one can track your phone.


It would be right to say that ic browser is a good apps. From here you can download anything like Facebook, Twitter videos, even you can download videos of Instagram too. If you are also looking for an app in which you can download videos of many social media from the same apps, then this is a good app for you. This apps is really reliable.