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Creat Affiliate Flipkart Account And Earn Money From 2020

Affiliate Flipkart- Flipkart is one of the e-commerce companies of India, Flipkart was established in 2007. Where you can purchase almost all the goods of your choice. You can also earn money online from this Flipkart.

As you know, many companies use social media to sell or promote their product. Some companies resort to affiliate programs to sell their products. One of them is an Affiliate Program.

How to Earn Affiliate Flipkart Account-

To make money from Flipkart affiliate, you should have a website and there should be some special traffic on that website only then you can earn money from Flipkart.

If any user will purchase that stuff from your website, then you will get some commissions from Flipkart. All products have different rates from Flipkart and you will get commission accordingly.

Flipkart commission –

When you sell books in Flipkart, your earnings will be more in that case, if you have an education website, then you are going to earn a lot more.

Flipkart Affiliate

How To Sign Up Flipkart Affiliate Program-

Flipkart Affiliate Program It is very easy to join I am going to tell you some ways in which you can do it very comfortably.

  • First of all, you have to search in your PC, you will see some kind of interface.
Flipkart Affiliate
Affiliate Program Interface
  • First you click on Join Now for free, after that the box of join in will open.
Flipkart Affiliate
  • Now submit your address carefully and then click on the button in the register.

Just by doing easy steps, you can join very comfortably after joining, you start earning money.

Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard –

In the screenshot given below, you can see how its overview is, in this, you will get complete information about whoever does some things from your blog.

Flipkart dashboard

Flipkart Affiliate Tools –

Product Link and Banner –

Earning money from links and banners of Flipkart products is very easy. When you add the link to your website or mobile app, you can get a commission on shopping.

  • Make a banner for a specific product on your affiliate program, in which you feel that it is right for your website.
  • You can also customize your banner.
Flipkart Affiliate
Product Link and Banner –

Promotion Widgets & Banners –

Creating Flipkart widgets and banners is very easy. You can also customize your widgets and you will be given a code in HTML type.

  • Very easy to add and customize
  • Engaging with your users through interactive content
Flipkart Affiliate
Promotion Widgets & Banners –

Flipkart Search Tools –

You can use search tools in your website to find and find interesting products of Flipkart.

Flipkart Search Tools -
Flipkart Search Tools –

FAQ (Frequensi Asked Question)-

How does it work flipkart Affiliate

For example, if you have placed a Flipkart product on the website and a visitor purchases the product through you, you will get a commission.

Does it cost money to join a Flipkart affiliate program?

You do not need to pay to join Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Important Tips –

  • You promote the product according to the bottom of your blog.
  • If desktop traffic in your blog is high then the use of banners will be fine.

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