Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Chota Bheem- Dholakpur mein khatra,has got youtube of millon view

Chhota Bheem, the world’s most popular cartoon of children, has brought a new episode. Which has been launched on YouTube’s channel called ‘Green Gold Kids’. Till now, this video has received million views. And it was trading at 1 position in YouTube. Yes the name of this episode is “Dholakpur Mein Khatra”.

Here comes another exciting Chhota Bheem video! Watch the amazing Chhota Bheem cartoon and Subscribe to our channel for more Hindi cartoon videos. Chhota Bheem & friends are selling Tuntun Mausi’s Laddoos in the market! Children attract customers with some wonderful ideas to buy Tuntun Mausi’s Laddoos. Suddenly two persons named Bade & Chhote create trouble by taking away a basket full of laddoos without paying money. At the same time, there is an announcement in Dholakpur for the Dholak competition. Three people create a panic in the competition & trouble the Raja. In the meanwhile, Raja Banjara visits Dholakpur who is welcomed by Raja Indraverma. Sooner Chhota Bheem realizes that Raja Banjara wants to capture Dholakpur and is betraying Raja Indraverma in the name of friendship. Will Chhota Bheem be able to save Dholakpur from approaching danger? Watch and have fun with this Chhota Bheem cartoon video.


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